Microsoft Surface Studio vs Surface Book / Pro pen hover accuracy

area studio 2019
We have obtained end users asking us about the Area series above the last few of yrs. In standard, the form factor’s great and the pen strain and monitoring is good.

Nevertheless, because CACANi people require to draw pretty specific strokes, a person component that’s generally neglected is the hovering accuracy of the stylus.

The Surface Studio has a fantastic hover accuracy response. Just about every moment motion of the stylus is picked up by the digitizer. The Surface area E book 1/2 and Surface Pro’s (Up to Pro 5, we haven’t experimented with Pro 6) hover response are not as great.

*Update for Area Professional 6:
As observed in this video clip, hover accuracy appears to be like comparable to the previous generations.

Let’s hope the high quality of the Surface area Studio inevitably tends to make it into their notebook and tablet lineups.