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**Track Your Archery Practice and Development with Ease**

The new GoWild Hook up IQ app combines the Garmin and GoWild’s proprietary technology to capture about 25 points of facts. Similar to the rating trying to keep feature on the Garmin Xero™ A1i and A1 bow sights, a new archery shot detection algorithm widget will allow Garmin Link IQ-enabled smartwatches to mechanically identify when a shot is taken, without the need of enter from the shooter. The GoWild Join IQ application tracks and imports specific team efficiency, complete teams, pictures of each individual group, emotive ratings of the session and coronary heart amount. On completion of the activity, shooters can upload summary photos from their sessions to their telephone and then share with the GoWild community.

Via this integration, GoWild’s neighborhood users will have the capacity to keep track of and share robust electronic stories, ranging from automatic archery shot counts, miles hiked on hunts, scouting factors of desire, and biometric knowledge collected all through any of these things to do by applying Join IQ-enabled Garmin devices. Archers can monitor development with ease, and hunters can relive the exact minute when their coronary heart charge spiked in the presence of the bull or buck of their goals.

Download the GoWild application:

You can combine with Garmin upon downloading.