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Indications: PN51F8500 power cycles flashing brand, panel LED blinks 3 times.

How To Troubleshoot the Samsung PN51F8500 2013 Plasma Tv set Combination Principal Logic Board Part 2.
How to crank out the Test Pattern.
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For ALL 2013 Plasma TVs is the mixed Most important/Logic Board.

Even even though the Major is now component of Major/Logic Board, it is nonetheless feasible to isolate the Key section from the Logic section in the course of troubleshooting and induce the Logic Examination Patterns and the Television Electrical power.

This is legitimate even if the Major part has failed and will not set off the Television Power On.
Plasma TVs have incorporated the failure of the “Main” section of the
Principal/ Logic Board when the “Logic” section has remained operational.
This process is very critical as it verifies the

Make Exam Sample Procedure:

1. Unplug the AC Electric power Cable of the Television set.
2. Limited pins 3 and 4 on the Logic Test Jig.
3. Find the PS_ON pin on the SMPS Connector and shorter the pin to a circuit floor pin on the
exact connector. (Sample: pin 1 to Pin 5).
4. Plug in the AC Electrical power Cable of the Tv
5. If the Logic segment is Okay, PS_ON will bring about VS_ON on the SMPS, turning on the high voltage and
the Television. The Check Pattern biking from Logic Area will then look on the Tv set screen.

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