samsung galaxy j2 prime

Unable to shift your application to SD card?
No interior storage alternative?
unable to structure sd card as interior storage?

For Android 6 we could established the sd memory to turn into interior storage, but for some causes cellular phone manufacturer could experienced flip-off this operate. We can solve it by making use of ADB shell. Below I exhibit an case in point how to established SD memory to interior storage making use of Linux Ubuntu.

1. Again up the info you have in sd card.
2. Help USB debug mode.
3. Open terminal kind the ‘adb shell’ command (with your cellular phone connected of course).
4. Sort ‘sm list-disks’ to list the disk ID (disk:179,128 in this case in point).
5. Sort
‘sm partition disk:????? private’ — this established ALL sd storage to turn into interior
‘sm partition disk:????? mixed 50’ — this established 50% sd storage as interior and other 50% stay external.
6. Now your sd card is established as Inner Storage.



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