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Arms on with the SVS Ultra bookshelf loudspeaker!

Music by: Cody Francis – ‘Western Call’

SVS Extremely Bookshelf item site:


Gear used for the duration of the evaluation:

AMR CD-777 SE (Main process source)
Heed Abacus DAC (Computer system technique source)

Sony STR-DH750 (A/V Receiver)
NAD C316 V2 (Integrated Amplifier)
IOTAVX SA3 (Integrated Amplifier)
IOTAVX PA3 (Electrical power Amplifier)
Heed Audio Elixir (Built-in Amplifier)
MastersounD Box (Built-in Amplifier)
Parasound Hint 6 (Built-in Amplifier)
AMR AM-777 SE (Integrated Amplifier)
Parasound JC2BP (Pre-Amplifier)
Parasound JC5 (Stereo Amplifier)