samsung f8500 sequence
I just purchased an 500ABG limited version and is just examining it out with the inner masks that all Kuros have.
24K working hours
Amazing thoroughly clean impression wihtout any noticeable dithering sound from ordinary viewing distance.
The cleanest non 500M Kuro i have viewed but.
No Burn off in
No Misfires on the combimasks.
Fullscreen styles are pure reliable.
Very low Buzzing sound.

So far the panel doesnt seem to have degraded at all and thats just after 10 yrs and 24K hrs.
the high quality these KRPs have is damn wonderful.
Anyway it will possibly have some degree of Red tint to the blacks.
How considerably is difficult to say now (daytime when i checked it)
I will put up an comparision online video with the 500M facet by facet in some days so individuals can see how an Untouched KRP seems right now as for blacklevel goes,in comparison to what you can get with a reset and voltage tweaks.
i will use the same Kuro Expertise demo that i made use of when i compared the 500M to the B7 OLED.

Note: VOL RSTP at 001 from factory is very unusual.
thats the price you require to place in if you want to decreased the blacks without an reset.
this television set already has it so i assume that the purple tinted blacks to be not as elevated as they regular are on other Kuros.

Be aware2: it possibly has a lot less than 24K hours ON display time
On the 500As you can press “Blank Screen” rather of just shut it off
if you do that you are conserving the panel but the hours nonetheless countinues to tick in the servicemenu.

Take note3: Even with VOL RSTP at the lowest this tv set has an huge sum of crimson tint.
So that didnt support much below.
A lower RSTP from manufacturing unit will sluggish down the blacklevel elevate in excess of time but its not sufficient to retain the unique Kuro blacks.
An additional difficulty when a Kuro has RSTP at 001 from start out is that you can not reduce it any longer to lower blacks.
A reset is a will have to on these sets to reduced blacks to standard or decreased than ordinary levels.