kef ls50 wi-fi

Sorry for the lighting problems just a sound demo .
Pink Floyd Dim facet of the moon Cd
(Onkyo- Integra M-504)
1 of Onkyos’ Flagship product
Crafted from 1986 to 1995 on U.S. marketplace
Truely A Hidden classic GEM !
A person of the best searching and sounding
Amp for The Cost on the Re-sale sector

Tools Made use of
Pre-amp -Pioneer Elite Sx-N30
Blurayplayer- Sony BDP S-350/ AK-4382 DAC constructed in DAC appears fantastic shut to the identical seem signature as the Schiit Modi 3 but beefier on the top close by my Ears Lol
Speakers -Kef Q-100
Audioquest All electric power cords speaker cable and inner connects besides for Precise amp it really is for now stock