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Regardless of important concessions by SeaWorld, its orcas are however undertaking each individual day, and in japanese Russia the superb killer whale is under siege – hunted for sale into the exploding maritime theme park marketplace in China. Witness an in-depth search at the situation towards captivity, the Whale Sanctuary Job, and covert missions on the high seas and in lookup of nine orcas held captive at a top secret Chinese area. Directed by William Neal and that includes interviews with Ric O’Barry (Dolphin Project, The Cove), Dr. Naomi Rose (Animal Welfare Institute), David Kirby (Author, “Death at SeaWorld”), Dr. Ingrid Visser (Orca Analysis Believe in), Charles Vinick (The Whale Sanctuary Job), Steven Smart (Nonhuman Rights Challenge), Dr. Lori Marino (Neuroscientist, expert in animal conduct and intelligence), Jeff Ventre (Previous SeaWorld trainer).