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Want to master microsoldering, but don’t know where to start off? We have an on the internet microsoldering class hosted at Udemy referred to as The Comprehensive Curriculum. The training course goes above all of the fundamentals of microsoldering to support you get started. Make confident that you acquire by way of the inbound links down below to obtain a discount.

Microsoldering: The Entire Curriculum:

Tools utilized in this online video:

Finding Begun:

Suggested Resources:
Sizzling Air Rework Station (Swift 861DW):
ZXW Instruments Dongle Application:
Microscope (AmScope SM-4TPX) :
Nano Soldering Tweezers (JBC NASE-1B):
Twin-port Soldering Station (Hakko FM-203):
Micro Soldering Tweezers (Hakko FM-2023):
Microscope Camera:
Digiti Multimeter (Uni-T UT139C):
DC Electrical power Source:
DC Energy Offer Apple iphone Boot Cables:
Greatest solder (Kester 44 63/37 .031″):
Ideal Flux (Amtech VS-213A-TF):
Inexperienced Solder Mask (Mechanic):

Essential Microsoldering Components:

Touch IC Chips (Meson):
Apple iphone Backlight Components:

Where by to get pieces and supplies: