This review has been updated to discuss some recent updated and how we’ve found using the Fitbit Ionic over a period of months.

Our review of the Fitbit Ionic is significant. Not only because it’s Fitbit’s first self-proclaimed smartwatch, but because it feels like the first 24/7 smartwatch. A corner has been turned.

You wake up, get in the shower, go to work, go for a run or swim, go to sleep. At no point do you need to remove it from your wrist; notifications buzz in throughout the day, and with a four-day-plus battery life, you can wear it to bed where it can track sleep – and luckily, it’s comfortable enough to do so. The result of all this is a more rounded picture of your day.

Neither the Apple Watch, nor any member of the Android Wear watch congregation can claim to do this to the same degree right now. In a sense, the Ionic is the archetype of a trend we’re seeing in which fitness trackers and smartwatches blur together. After all, many would call the Fitbit Blaze a smartwatch, and really you wouldn’t be wrong. But like saying Voldemort’s name, Fitbit refuses to use the word smartwatch when talking about the Blaze, presumably for fear that market analysts would then compare shipments against the Apple Watch.

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