The Apple Series 3 watch which was announced yesterday will start from $329 (Approx Rs 21,000) and the cellular model will cost $399 (Approx Rs 25,500) and the price goes up to $1399 (Approx Rs 89,000) for the most expensive one. The pre-order for the watch will start from 15th September and the watch will be available in stores from 22nd of September.

Apple’s played it a bit cautiously for the last few Apple Watch upgrades — like many companies, it no doubt understands the limitation of the smartwatch form factors. They’re small, so it’s hard to push things too far. The company also doesn’t have much in the way of competition when it comes to market share — the Apple Watch is the rare bright spot in the smartwatch market.

On the face of it, the Watch Series 3 maintains that trend. Beyond red accenting on the crown and an ever-so-slightly thick heart rate monitor, the product is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor. As ever, the big changes are inside. First, there’s the markedly more robust processor that brings new functionality like Siri’s voice baked directly into the device.

The company has long fancied the Apple Watch a fitness nicety, and that impulse has only grown in recent years. As countless analysts have noted, it continues to be the primary driver for smartwatch purchases, even as plenty of far cheaper fitness bands continue to flood the market. This means finally ending that awkward era of strapping a phone on your arm, or trying to keep it from falling out of your pocket as you run.

How Much The New Apple Watch Costs 14:05 PM EDT Here’s how much the new Apple Watch will cost and when you can get it (AAPL) Justin Sullivan/Getty Apple revealed its latest and greatest smartwatch on Tuesday, the Apple Watch Series 3. The watch — which includes a cellular connection for the first time, giving users the ability to stream music while leaving your phone at home — is the third generation of Apple’s smartwatch and features a similar design to the previous iterations. Apple Watch Series 3 will cost $329 for the base model, but in order to get the cellular connection, it’ll cost $399 . The watch is available for preorder starting September 15 , and will be available to purchase on September 22 . The watch comes in three colors: A new gold finish, silver, and space gray. The new Apple Watch Edition, which is more expensive and has a ceramic case, will come in a new gray finish (the previous version only came in white). How much the new Apple Watch costs, and when you can get it – Business Insider



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