elac uni-fi ub5

Lively speakers 5 lethal flaws!

1. Audiophile quality Class A or AB amplifiers — the sort any self respecting audiophile would purchase – are as well significant to healthy inside most energetic speakers!

2. Subjecting the amp to substantial sound stress stages Inside of the speaker cabinet can’t be superior for audio top quality, can it?

3. Speakers providers know-how is planning speakers, not amplifiers or crafting digital sign processing, so speaker designers have to count on outdoors suppliers. Making real synergy amongst the speaker, amp and processing to a large regular is not effortless.

4. You’re stuck with the tech within the speakers, which may possibly be reducing edge when new, but will absolutely be outdated in 5 or 10 yrs.

5. Speakers for the most component are pretty reputable, but electronics cramped inside speakers developing heat are not probably to survive very long expression. Company difficulties will require returning whole speakers to the producer. If the amp or DSP providers are out of enterprise you’d be out of luck.

BTW, Meridian Audio developed the initially audiophile lively speaker, the M1, in the late 1970s. Energetic speakers are not a new thought.

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